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About Trotec

Our core competence

Checking, Controlling and Conditioning the Surrounding Situation

The engineers, service technicians and experts of the Trotec Company Group have an unrivalled know-how when it comes to checking, controlling and conditioning the surrounding situation. All the product solutions and services offered by our company group are focused on this core competence and have made Trotec one of the leading service partners in this sector.

"Sounds complicated: machines, measuring equipment, tents – checking, controlling and conditioning the surrounding situation – how does it all fit together?"

It’s quite simple really:

Appliances for air conditioning

Whenever it is too moist, too dry, too warm, too cold, too dusty, too smelly or the air exchange rate in your living, working or storerooms is too low or too high and you wish to change the situation, then Trotec is the optimal partner for you.

We have an extensive programme of appliances ranging from compact mobile units for private or semi-professional use to fixed-installed high-performance aggregates for industrial demands which can always provide you with the optimal problem solution for your individual application.

Measuring equipment for construction diagnostics

Certain changes in the surrounding situation are not always as evident as a burst pipe. The first step, checking the surrounding situation, requires optimal equipment in order to be able to evaluate the situation, analyse the information and locate the damage. The Trotec measuring technology portfolio provides an extensive equipment programme to detect and diagnose the source of the disorder or the cause of damage as well as checking, documenting and controlling the surrounding situation.

Be it climate control for hobby tinkerers, moisture measuring equipment, detectors for leak detecting, infrared thermography cameras for construction diagnostics, industry and the military or highly effective sensor systems for condition monitoring and telemaintenance, our diverse measuring equipment programme provides you with the optimal solution for your application.

Construction and workmen’s tents, screen walls…

It’s all about controlling, shielding and conditioning the surrounding situation in these sectors too. Our unique screen walls, workmen’s and construction tents can either be used as mobile rooms or protective housings for outdoor work to provide an optimal surrounding situation in which to operate effectively. Quick assembly and dismantling, safety during electrical installation using lightfast colours, robust finishing and diverse equipment options for individual solutions make our range of products indispensable for provider companies, police forces and fire and ambulance services.

Be it appliances for air conditioning, measuring equipment for construction diagnostics, localisation, detection and industrial maintenance or selected workmen’s tents or screen walls – the Trotec Company Group has unrivalled in-depth knowledge in all three product sectors from which you can profit: through a consultation tailored to suit your exact requirements, optimal product and service solutions for buying, hiring, leasing and financing or practice-oriented seminars and training courses.

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