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Automatic Heat Sealing Machine (Forpackaging Faverani C13.AU "TF - XLM Midy New")

  • Automatic heat sealer for trays (vacuum+gas) and without top and bottom die.

Detailed information about the product Automatic Heat Sealing Machine


  • AISI 304 stainless steel and anticorodal aluminium structure
  • AISI 304 stainless steel panelling
  • Continual sealing-film feeding, automated to avoid the operator handling the film
  • Gas injection system
  • "Surpression" system for the gas injection
  • Loading area
  • Automatic evacuation of the packaged products
  • Handling PLC
  • Possibility to programme 12 different production cycles
  • Quick and easy die replacement
  • 100 m³/h integrated vacuum pump (optional 150 m³/h). External pump under request

Technical details

  • Capacity: Sealing from 720 to 2880 trays / hour sealing + vacuum: from 360 to 1440 trays / hour sealing + vacuum:+ ATM: from 240 to 960 trays/hour.
  • Maximum film width: 500 mm
  • Power supply: 380 Volt · 50 Hz
  • Inlet: 3 kW
  • Weight: 300 kg
  • Machine dimension:
    • Width: 1060 mm
    • Depth: 960 mm
    • Height: 1500 mm

Easy use

With the model XML Midy New you can package in an easy and simple way. Through an electronic control panel you are allowed to operate according to different needs of packaging: vacuum+gas, vacuum sealing+sealing, only sealing, skin, gas-in-jet. The different packing cycles are also easily settable and stored in 20 programmes.

A special display allows you to select the correct welding temperature. XLM Midy New series can seal different materials such as: polypropylene film, low/high density polyethylene, aluminium coupled, Tyvek® (biomedical), polyester and polyamide. At the end of work, through display, you can highlight the production done.

Fast mould change

The ease of changing mould is one of the great advantages of the XLM Midy New series. Shortly and in few steps any operator can change the mould minimising the downtime. The moulds are provided of die-cut, with cut of the film over the edge of the tray for a more effective presentation of the product.

They, as a function of the size of the tray, can be of one or more impressions.

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