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We specialise in providing solutions and services to companies that run fleets of vehicles, such as tracking, defect apps and recruitment, all designed to help improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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Welcome to the world of LSC, we are logistical solution consultants, and aim to offer the logistics industry, and any company that runs a fleet of vehicles, various solutions to help them improve their operations, while reducing their costs. We are also able to offer distribution facilities, so companies can expand the services they offer their customers or for their own benefit.

Our philosophy is to help companies improve not just their operations, but also their profit margins, our aim is to assist a company to reduce their overheads and improve their effeciency, we do this by aiming to be a one stop shop for your logistical needs, once again saving you time and money.

Our market place, the logistics industry and companies who run a fleet of vehicles, are always concerned with various factors, such as running costs (fuel consumption, vehicle wear and tear, etc) but they also like to be able to monitor the vehicle location, this is for various reasons, being able to give ETA's, clarify driver location, etc and also for insurance/theft issues. The managers of these companies are therefore always looking at how they can achieve their aims, that is where software comes in.

At LSC we will specialise in operating as a SaaS (Software as a Solution) business, the main area of expertise will be within the logistics and vehicle fleet market, we can offer a portfolio of various solutions, such as Fleet Management, GPS Vehicle Tracking, Defect Reporting and logistics and supply chain recruitment.

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