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Bendi space saving very narrow aisle forklift trucks, unrivalled 1.6m aisles, 12m+ lift, inside/outside flexibility

Redditch, Worcs, United Kingdom

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Bendi - the Worlds Leading Articulated Truck

  •   Stacks in very narrow aisles
  •   Works outside in your yard
  •   One truck does it all, Bendi
The Bendi articulated truck was originally designed in the early 1980's to compete in reach truck aisles of approximately 2.4m, however customers demanded greater performance so over the past 2½ decades the Bendi design has been developed and enhanced to the multi award winning range we offer today.
More storage capacity in less space:
Rising property values as well as heating and maintenance play their part in the increasing costs of operating warehouses. Over the years various advances in technology have allowed higher storage densities to be achieved. The Bendi articulated truck represents the latest and most significant advance in this respect allowing much higher storage densities than even highly specialised and costly wire/rail guided very narrow aisle trucks.

As a rule, warehouses designed for counterbalance trucks are the least space efficient, with aisle widths of 3m-4m in common use.  However, the aisle width is only part of the equation, turning and loading/unloading space at the ends of the aisles also accounts for ‘lost' space.  This also applies in warehouses where other types of trucks are operated, although the lost space is much less when using articulated trucks.

A more versatile vehicle means a less compromised warehouse:

‘Lost' storage space at the end of aisles can be greatly reduced when operating articulated trucks. This is not only because the trucks are more manoeuvrable, but because there's no requirement for other types of vehicle within the warehouse, to load/unload the warehouse trucks. Bendi articulated trucks can stack/de-stack pallets and load/unload them to/from delivery vehicles in your yard, saving space, time and further investment in other vehicle types.

No specialist floor requirements:

Bendi articulated trucks can be used in warehouses with standard floor finishes, even where racking over 12m is used.  This eliminates the requirement for costly specialist flooring or grinding of existing floors.  There is also no requirement for rail/wire guidance systems as is usually the case with other high density storage solutions.

Bendi has the capability to work safely in 1.6m aisles which even out-performs most very narrow aisle machines.  Now more than ever before, if you need to reduce your storage space in order to increase the amount stored, or reduce the space you store it in, there is not a more cost effective way than Bendi.

Today's Bendi will work in 1.6m aisles, stack loads up to 12m high and beyond, work inside and outside to load/unload delivery vehicles and is available in battery electric or LPG power.

The Bendi range is available worldwide via a network of authorised distributors offering excellent space saving advantages over all other material handling solutions.

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