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Compact Stand-in Towing Tractor (BT N Movit TSE100 / TSE100W)

  • For light-duty towing and order picking, they have a narrow chassis, low step-in height and a 1 tonne capacity.

Detailed information about the product Compact Stand-in Towing Tractor

Offering the shortest turning radius in the N-series, our TSE100W tow tractor is designed to dock with individual load carriers for efficient order picking and step-up solutions. The truck’s steering allows it to turn on its own axis, enhancing driveability in confined working areas. Suitable for use in offices, stores and warehouses, the TSE100 model for conventional towing features a wide variety of load carriers. The N-series models offer a choice of chassis widths and are capable of towing multiple trolleys with a total load weight of up to 1.0 tonne.

  • Towing capacity up to 1.0 tonne
  • PIN-code access
  • Narrow chassis
  • Quick battery exchange
  • AC technology
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