Torneria Bergamini

Leading company in the manufacture of alligator shears, cable strippers, industrial brushes for forklifts and agricultural brushes for forklifts and tractors.

Carpenedolo, Brescia, Italy

About Torneria Bergamini

Torneria Bergamini was established in the mid 70's at Carpenedolo, in the province of Brescia, an area that has a long tradition in the engineering industry. We have long experience in the field of lathe operating and mechanics.

In the last few years we have decided to put our own products on the market: hydraulic shears, cable strippers, industrial brushes and marketing radioactivity detectors by using the best of our experience gained throughout the years.

Our company has always given attention to the quality of our own products. This goal has been reached thanks to our qualified personnel and the technical department that is always aiming to improve our products and satisfy the customers' needs. This is at a time, when more than ever, one can depend on a reliable partner: Bergamini.

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