Titiz Makina

PVC and Aluminium Profile Processing Machines and Metal Processing Machines.

Bursa, Turkey

About Titiz Makina

Our company was established in the Industrial Zone of Bursa in 1973 to produce Wood and Aluminium Processing Machines. Our aim is to provide people with quality assured goods and services.

TİTİZ MAKİNA continued production of PVC and Aluminium Processing Machines in premises of 500 m2 in BURSA/ Beşevler Industrial Zone in 1989. We then moved to 3000 m2 premises situated in the Organized Industrial Zone of BURSA Nilüfer in 2002 in order to meet the increased market needs.

Our company, which is a pioneer of the domestic market in PVC manufacturing (a highly developed sector in modern times), has made an established name for itself in the world market with exports into 30 countries. Foreign dealers have been established in order to provide the best service before and after sales, across the world.

All our machines renewed in 2005 are produced in accordance with CE standards and offered for the satisfaction of our customers. We have been ISO 9001: 2000 certified since 2006.

All of our production is CNC supported. Along with PVD manufacturing, SAWSHARK series Band Saw and Profile/ Pipe Bending Machines are included in the product range and we have also introduced Metal Processing Machines.

Our goal is to maintain the esteemed image that we have created and maintained with our developing and renewed company structure in the context of globalised world conditions.

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