Tianyuan Silicone Machinery

Specialised in designing and manufacturing the LSR automatic injection moulding machine as well as the LSR mould.

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

About Tianyuan Silicone Machinery

Guangzhou Tianyuan Silicone Rubber Machine Co., Ltd. established in 2000 and specialised in the design and manufacturing of the LSR automatic injection moulding machine as well as the LSR mould, mastering the core technology to obtain an excellent quality. Our production technology is in the leading level in China; we adopt the advanced integration design on our LSR machine, and can supply personalised solutions for the customer. It is more energy-efficient, easy to operate, the production speed is high. TYM LSR machine is your best choice for saving the production cost when you choose a machine.

Our LSR injection moulding machine is widely used in medical industry, food industry, infant industry, diving industry, insulator industry and other LSR production fields. Furthermore, with abundant technical strength, Tianyuan can design the LSR injection moulding equipment exactly based on the customer's requirements, and can provide the turn-key solutions, such as the LSR feeding machine, LSR injection moulding machine, LSR mixing system, colour adding system, LSR mould and so on. In order to make the machines one of the highest quality and the most efficient, we purchased the machine components from famous manufacturers in Europe, Japan and Taiwan. With the high-quality, precise and reliable LSR injection moulding machine, our company successfully helps our customers produce the refined LSR products, and the cost performance is the envy of the LSR industry.

High quality and in pursuit of perfection is our quality concept. Our company's development is the staffs' development as our core value, willing to provide the most satisfactory service to all customers!


CE, ISO9001:2008

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