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Temporary Storage Warehouse (Business & Industrial Buildings L)

  • Available in a variety of clear span widths from 5-30 m with eave heights from 3.20 to 6.20 m.

Detailed information about the product Temporary Storage Warehouse

Röder HTS Höcker L-Series business and industrial modular buildings - storage warehouses are available in a variety of clear span widths from 5m - 30m with eave heights from 3.20m - 6.20m suitable for a variety of industrial and business applications. These include:

  • distribution warehouses
  • logistics centres
  • retail outlets
  • exhibition halls
  • production warehouses
  • automotive showrooms
  • military, aviation and sports halls

Röder HTS Höcker – Business and Industrial buildings are available in unlimited 5m lengths in standard span widths of: 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m.

Eave height options available are: 3.20m, 4.20m, 5.20m, 6.20m

Bay distance: 5m

Roof options available: "A" frame with single layer PVC roof or thermo inflatable PVC roof.

All Röder HTS Höcker – Business and Industrial buildings have been manufactured to the max allowed wind speed to Norm DIN EN 13782:102 km/h (0.50 kN/m²) with snow loading compliance ranging from 45 kg/m² - 100 kg/m². All Röder HTS Höcker buildings can be built to withstand higher wind and snow loads on request.

A range of accessory products and walling options are available on request.

If one of Röder HTS Höcker standard sizes does not meet your requirements, they can design and build a custom structure to your exact specification.

Röder HTS Höcker temporary buildings and semi-permanent structures have proved to be an invaluable asset to a vast array of businesses across a diverse range of applications, including:

  • store refurbishments
  • store extensions
  • additional production facilities
  • additional warehouse storage facilities
  • showrooms
  • exhibition centres
  • loading bays
  • seasonal demand for additional temporary storage structures
  • temporary retail stores
  • all weather commercial canopies for logistics and distribution centres
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