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Storage Shelter (Kroftman Structures T-1220)

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    Eurocode drawings free
    Easy to build up
    Warranty (PE: 1 year, PVC: 8 years, tent framework: 10 years)

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Detailed information about the product Storage Shelter

Storage Tent 12,2 m width x 21,4 m length

The economical and durable storage tents are quick and easy to assemble without any construction experience. This saves you hundreds of euros. The storage tents can be perfectly used as storage, workplace, stabling, garage, barn or as an alternative of a Romney shed. We provide detailed instructions for a smooth construction of this storage tent.

The height (3,8 m) of the mechanically operated door is suitable for larger vehicles. Trucks, forklifts and tractors can easily enter the space or can completely be stored in the storage tent.

The dome shape of the storage tent is very practical for the (pyramid-wise) stack of hay bales and other materials or natural resources. Our customers frequently use the storage tent for the storage of hay, cement bags and pallets.

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  • € 12.500,- (£ 11.375,-) (PE)
  • € 14.500,- (£ 13.195,-) (PVC)
Prices are exclusive of VAT, shipping and installation.
Clear-span width 12,20 m
Height 4,20 m (side height), 760 cm (ridge height)
Length 21,40 m
Foil door (H x W) 4,50 x 4,50 m
Max. wind load 0,6 kN/m² (10Bft.) (Eurocode EN13782)
Max. snow load 0,3 kN/m² (Eurocode EN13782)
Colours available White (PE/PVC) / Green (PVC)
Packing dimensions (3x) 315 x 230 x 165 cm (frame)
(1x) 295 x 75 x 55 cm (canvas)
Total weight 2850 kg
Cover PE 330 gr p/m², warranty: 1 year
PVC 610 gr p/m², warranty: 8 years
Material of framework Steel, galvanized 70x2 mm double trussed profiles
Anchoring Anchoring pegs (included)
Number of persons needed for construction 6 persons
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