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JCB (Teletruk TLT 25)

Diesel or LPG powered telescopic lift truck with 2,500kg maximum lift capacity and 1,275kg capacity at 2m forwards reach.

Detailed information about the product JCB

Unique counterbalanced forklift with a telescopic boom instead of the conventional vertical mast.

This is a machine ideal for working in yards, or for specialist applications such as rail freight. Loading lorries or rail freight wagons is done quickly from one side only by extending the boom forwards.

Forwards visibility is superior to any conventional forklift with which the mast inevitably obscures the operator's view ahead. The forks carriage automatically retains the angle chosen by the operator during both lift and lower, but the carriage can also be rotated through 111 degrees. When forks are fitted this exceptional flexibility allows the forks to be used to recover loads which might have slipped on a lorry or in a ship's hold.

The carriage rotation is also ideal for fitting other attachments quickly. For example a shovel can be fitted in just a few minutes and the Teletruk is then ready to do the work of a small loading shovel.

The models TLT 25D and TLT 25G are two-wheel-drive by fully enclosed hydrostatic drive transmission. The Teletruk is well suited to difficult site environments found in builder merchants yards, or all the various recycling sectors such as metals, plastics, paper, cardboards and glass.

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