Técnicas Mecánicas Ilerdenses

Designs, manufactures and supplies turn-key palletizing solutions, based on a deep knowledge of latest manufacturing technologies and state-of-the-art industrial automation.

Lleida, Lleida, Spain

About Técnicas Mecánicas Ilerdenses

TMI [Técnicas Mecánicas Ilerdenses, S.L.] designs, produces and supplies turn-key bagging, palletizing and stretch wrapping lines, based on a deep knowledge of the latest manufacturing technologies and state-of-the-art industrial automation.

TMI is formed by a professional team with over 30 years of experience in bagging, palletizing and manufacturing of industrial equipment. Own technology and know-how has been the main column from the origins of the company.
TMI invests around 50% of its resources to Engineering and R & D Departments.

We have developed a wide range of palletizing systems which are listed below, among others:

  • Filling equipment for open mouth, valve, FFS (Form-Fill-Seal) and big-bags.
  • On-belt check weighers for filled bags.
  • Top layer palletizers (high in-feed) by means of bags / boxes side pushing.
  • Top level palletizers by means of robotic grip that allows bags overlapped each other.
  • Cartesian gantry palletizers for bags, cases and drums.
  • Palletizing cells by means of industrial robot.
  • Pick & place robotic cells.
  • Turntable stretch wrappers with top cover sheet dispensing.

Nowadays, TMI has more than 200 references within the different industrial fields where develops its activities.

With an annual growth of turnover of around 20%, with a solid product base and sales network in constant evolution, our immediate challenge is to increase the exportation by opening delegations in different countries.

Digital downloads

  • TMI Product range leaflet. TMI Complete turn-key bagging and palletizing lines Download

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