On site or remotely, Technomark carries out marking demos and tests free of charge.

Interested in Technomark's machines and would like to carry out marking tests on your pieces?

Our team is there to support you on site or remotely. You can see the results by yourself and validate them. We offer free of charge the production of marking samples on your pieces. You can send us your pieces to be marked with a description of your needs for the dot peen or laser marking. Once your marking test is made, we write a detailed test report which is sent to you at the same time as your marked pieces. This report contains all the information relating to the markings made: the force used, the depth at which the markings are made, the speed and the matrix used in order to obtain the best possible result. All your tests are carried out without contact and without moving.

For more complex requests, our design office will assist you to customise your traceability solutions (from mechanics to software).

If our presence is desired and if the health context allows it, we also carry out free demos on site at your place, or in Technomark's showroom. Obviously, our technical and sales teams travel and perform demos in strict compliance with health rules.

To find out more, do not hesitate to consult our page dedicated to before and after-sales services.

Interested in carrying out marking tests? Do not wait any longer! Contact us.