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Automated guided vehicle

Automated guided vehicle (TransCar Bulk materials carts)

Products from Swisslog

Automated guided vehicle (TransCar Bulk materials carts)

Products from Swisslog

Automated on-demand deliveries of bulk materials for healthcare, pharmaceutical industry and warehouse distribution centers.

Automated guided vehicles offer many benefits, such as redirecting operating costs through scheduled transport, reducing the potential for injury by eliminating manual transport, and ensuring the timely delivery of materials.

AGV Systems for Industry and Distribution

Swisslog designs and manufactures automated guided vehicle systems specifically for industry and retail applications. These automated guided vehicle systems have flexible and advanced navigation systems, and interface with elevators, doors and lifters. These AGV systems link storage and production with light payloads to full pallet transport.

AGV features and benefits

  • Efficient automated material flow
  • 24/7 material transport capability
  • Reduce dependence upon manual labor
  • Utilize existing right-of-ways
  • Minimize potential for injuries
  • Heavy weight lifting capability
  • Easily reconfigure changes in layout or function

Digital downloads

  • Automated guided vehicles bulk handling Download

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