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Bitumen Rubber Roof Paint and Repair (Watco Roofite®)

  • Watco Roofite® is a unique blend of bitumen, rubber and tough fibre reinforcement ideal to paint and repair roofs.

Detailed information about the product Bitumen Rubber Roof Paint and Repair

Repair and protect your flat and pitched roofs with Watco Roofite®, an easy-to-use, brush-on, bitumen-based roof repair coating, which weatherproofs and refurbishes roofs.


If you need to conduct an emergency patch repair, these can be successfully completed to a surface with running water. However, for any other repairs, the surface should be as dry as possible. Remove any loose materials and dirt. Specialist advice must be obtained if you're coating asbestos or cement roofs.


Apply generously by brush at the rate of 1m2 per kilo. Don't brush out to a thin film. If you're applying second coat, this should be brushed at right angles to the first layer.

You can use Watco Roofite® to repair cracks, splits and holes in roofs as well. Apply a generous amount to the area and cover with a strip of Watco Scrim cut to a suitable size. Apply a further coat of Roofite® over the scrim and leave to cure.

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