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PET strap premium

  • Increased elasticity and extreme tensile strength combine to make PET Premium strap the No1 choice for demanding users requiring maximum holding force.

Detailed information about the product PET strap premium

The PET strap premium is not only better for many applications, but also more economic than the Cyklop Classic.

  • Best quality raw material.
  • Greater elasticity/mm².
  • Tensile strength up to 550 N/mm².
  • Lower strap cross section, less material consumption per strapping cycle, thus environmentally friendly.
  • Significant savings on transport and storage costs.
  • Optimal retention.

Cyklop Premium is ideal for heavy-duty strapping applications - with the same economic efficiency!

Breaking strength 2.900 N to 11.700 N
Strap width 12,5 mm to 18,5 mm
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