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Garantell AB

(Garantell AB)

A company in southern Sweden. Our five major product lines are: anti collapse, warehouse and industrial walls, wire mesh decking, machine guards and storage systems for apartment houses.

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Detailed information about Garantell AB

High quality manufacturing has been a family tradition for five decades. The experience we have gained has allowed us to develop a patented automated process that allows us to produce our products efficiently- from wire on rollers to ready mesh sections.

In order to provide our customers with effective solutions quickly, we decided to keep all functions under one roof. From sales, design, manufacturing, and after sales support, our team has easy access to all the resources they need to bring your project to completion.

Our products are manufactured in-house, at our facility in Värnamo in a fully automated production line. Thus we have tight controls on quality.

Our five major product lines are:

  • Anti collapse
  • Warehouse and industrial walls
  • Wire mesh decking
  • Machine guards
  • Storage systems for apartment houses
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Mailing Address Speditörvägen 8
331 53  Värnamo
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Press releases of Garantell AB

Garantell’s mesh decks are now CE marked

04/03/2016, Värnamo (Sweden) - We are proud to be among the very first manufacturers to offer customers the safety of CE-marked mesh decks. Mesh decks often carry heavy loads and decks of poor or uncertain quality can put people and goods at risk.

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