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Warehouse Management Software (Magistor®)

  • To manage storage and order picking.

Detailed information about the product Warehouse Management Software

The Magistor® software package consists of two complementary components. The first manages the movement of goods in the warehouse from receipt to the preparation of orders, including storage. The second manages the preparation of orders of the products in the preparation workshop and manages the packets to be sent.

These two components are linked by the replenishment process that allows the transfer of the products in the stores to the preparatory workshops.

This software consists of three parts (receiving, storage and picking) which operate as follows:

  • Integration or creation of reports concerning pending receival of goods
  • Qualitative and quantitative checks on arrival
  • Automatic allocation of sites
  • Stock update
  • Management of the expiration date
  • Management of the batch number
  • Consultations in stocks by reference / batch
  • Site enquiry
  • Cyclic inventories
  • Retracing of picking orders regarding preparation and floor
  • Insertion or integration of order preparation
  • Identification and launch of the waves
  • Pre-packing or packing list
  • Issue order preparation
  • Package labeling
The media used includes the computer network client-server, Windows NT or Linux, Oracle DBMS, bar code readers and printers, conducting radio operations and terminal weight control.
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