The company designs and manufactures impact safety systems for the safety of work environments and personnel in the food, pharmaceutical and logistics sectors.

Rubiera, Reggio Emilia, Italy


STOMMPY® is a technology leader in the design and creation of workplace safety impact systems. The constant commitment to research has made improvements possible for all our products: bollards, barriers, wheel guides, wall guards, impact hygienic skirting, wall claddings, high visibility bollards, dock buffers, trolley wheel stops, photovoltaic kits and parking assistance systems.

What makes our products the most efficient and resistant in the world is the material they are made of and the anchorage system.


Tecklene® is a high-performance technical polymer, created ad-hoc for STOMMPY® impact safety systems. With its non-toxicity certification, it fully complies with HACCP standards. By introducing Tecklene®, we introduced the concept of controlled elasticity in the impact safety systems for the first time, increasing the mechanical resistance to impacts to incredible levels. The use of a polymer instead of metal eliminates rust and paint removal problems forever. This has helped us obtaining conformity certifications for the use of STOMMPY® products in food processing facilities as well as hospital/medical environments.

Anchorage system

The FIXA Block System® is an intelligently simple anchorage system, internationally patented by STOMMPY Srl. It is a new-generation anchorage system with 40% better performance when compared to standard bumper systems. If it complies with the European minimum standard C25/30, we guarantee 5-year-guarantee period for your floor.

Our products are designed to absorb the impact energy and transmit it to the floor, without causing any damage. We use External Certifying Bodies (ACCREDIA) to certify the following features:

  • non-toxicity of the materials used,
  • maximum resistance of our products,
  • impermeability,
  • compliance, and
  • recyclability.

STOMMPY® offers a complete and professional service to its customers: from technical site inspection of the most critical points in the facility to development of the best offer with a clear and comprehensible design of the intervention. Using ad-hoc equipment at their disposal, our highly-qualified installation teams can guarantee quick and clean service, thus allowing normal operation of production activities.

Having a predominant role in the impact safety barriers sector, STOMMPY® has the largest number of imitation attempts on the market, but no one has ever been able to provide the same level of quality and endurance as STOMMPY®. Our Impact Safety Systems remain the best investment a company can make in order to provide real workplace safety.

Investing in the prevention of injuries and accidents that can be accidentally caused in the company has proven to be cheaper than the direct and indirect costs of managing and repairing them.

Cost-effective service:

  • Simplified installation
  • Possibility of repositioning
  • Modularity
  • Low maintenance

Protecting your company with STOMMPY® will allow you to:

  • preserve integrity and value over time,
  • respect safety and hygiene standards in an effective way,
  • plan and amortize the investment in a precise and defined manner,
  • save on maintenance and damage costs.

STOMMPY® protects your investments.


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