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Stair Climbing Trolley (Zonzini Domino 300 kg)

  • You can easily transport loads on stairs up to 300 kg. Simple to use and safe. It turns on very narrow landings.

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Detailed information about the product Stair Climbing Trolley

Domino is innovation

Domino is ideal for transporting items up and downstairs: furniture, domestic appliances, photocopiers, heaters, fireplaces, air conditioners, boilers, lift control units and winches, safes, vending machines, etc.

Main advantages

The operator has NOT to maintain the load's balancing. The independent crawler tracks with double electric motor guarantee maximum manoeuvring comfort even in narrow spaces. Domino can be equipped with a range of optional accessories so that it perfectly meets every need.

Type of battery

Silicon battery without memory effect. Domino can be equipped also with a lithium battery, on request.

Manoeuvre area

Very tight, thanks to the vertical position of the load and to the independent crawler tracks.

  • Step's max height: No limit; Domino can overcome steps of any height
  • Battery life: 750 steps.
  • Crawler tracks: Non-marking and slip-resistant crawler tracks made of a patented material
Carrying capacity 300 kg
Measurements 950 x 525 x 1145 (H) mm. Height of the load surface from the ground: 125 mm
Structure Height-adjustable handle. The frame can be removed to take up less space on the vehicle.
Travel speed on stairs 125 mm/s (adjustable thanks to the proportional joystick)
Type of battery Silicon without memory effect.
Battery life About 750 steps
Operating space Very narrow due to the vertical position of the load and independent crawler tracks.
Standard equipment 1 strap to tie the load, 1 battery pack provided as standard, 1 automatic battery charger 220/24 V, 2 swivel wheels for manual movement on a flat surface, 1 standard base (WidthxDepth) 50x62 cm.
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