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Stair Climber (Mario Carrelli Senior SSN)

  • Designed to carry white goods and general furniture.

Detailed information about the product Stair Climber

A special eight-jointed system allows the structure of the trolley to be re-configured and very narrow step can be traversed with ease, with the addition of one of our set of accessory steps it offers a complete relocation system allowing easy loading and unloading from vehicles.

Lifting capacity 170 kg
Battery capacity 12 AH
Battery voltage 24 Volts
Charging time 6 hours
Motor 270 Watts
Machine weight 40 kg
Maximum step height 200 mm
Maximum steps on full charge 1000 steps
Stair climber width 570 mm
Stair climber length 500 mm
Minimum height 420 mm
Maximum height 1900 mm
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