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Stair Climber Trolley (Power Mate LE-1)

  • This stacker has the ability to move the load up & down the chassis bed and has a SWL of 318 kg.

Detailed information about the product Stair Climber Trolley

The PowerMate LE-1 is our 'stacker'. The LE-1 has two drive screws instead of one which provides distinct advantages for certain applications as the toe plate can move up and down along the frame. By moving the load up and down the frame you change the balance of the machine. This is particularly useful for small, heavy loads like wood stoves, compressors, electric motors or barrels. The LE-1 also comes standard with hand operated wheel brakes which means the unit cannot roll forward unless you release the brake.

Loading Specifications One person Two people
Flat surface moving 450 Lbs (204 kg) 700 Lbs (318 kg)
Stair climbing 450 Lbs (204 kg) 700 Lbs (318 kg)
Tailgate lifting 350 Lbs (159 kg) 700 Lbs (318 kg)
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