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Refrigerated warehouses labels

Refrigerated warehouses labels
  • Specific solutions adapted to extreme cold and humidity conditions.

Detailed information about the product Refrigerated warehouses labels

All our synthetic labels are resistant to cold and humidity conditions in refrigerated warehouses.


  • Polyester material printed from behind for inalterable marking.
  • Coloured background or line printed from behind. Unlimited choice of colors
  • Barcode on a white background for a perfect reading
  • Multi-level visualisation label
  • High resolution printing 1500dpi
  • All sizes of labels according to the height of the shelves and the width of the codes and texts

Choice of fixation:
  • An adhesive label will be used only in ambient temperature conditions (from 5º to 25ºC. This discards new warehouse that are not functioning yet.
  • A magnetic label can be used in an active warehouse. Advantages: efficient fixation, quick and easy identification.
  • A mechanical fixation label is a thick polyester card (0.4mm) with holes for screwing or attaching with plastic strings. Advantages: long lasting fixation, economical.
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