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Solan Systems

Solan Systems

Solan Systems

Solan Systems produces a variety of high quality accessories and safety devices for forklifttrucks with distribution at international level. Intelligent solutions to protect your employees.

Kfar Saba , Israel, Israel

About Solan Systems

The frequency of forklift accidents is on the rise in factories, warehouses and other facilities. Following are just a few reasons for the increasing occurrence:​


  • Stress and pressure to meet deadlines
  • Lack of concentration
  • Increased workloads
  • Poor visibility
  • Unanticipated obstacles​

Many of these accidents occur at crossings and intersections, ends of long passages or in areas with blind spots. Some are simply due to unawareness of silent vehicles and pedestrians. But whether the collision is between forklift and pedestrian, forklift and forklift, or any other factor, the results can be as devastating as lifelong injuries or even worse, fatalities. There is a vital need for accident prevention.

Solan Systems, based in Kfar Saba, Israel, responds to these needs by producing a variety of safety devices for forklifts, such as observation posts, refrigerated solutions, barrier gates, floormarking, lighting solutions, etc. We distribute at international level.