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We are a specialized company in the supply of traditional advertising items - mugs, jars, porcelain, ceramics, porcelain gift sets and accessories.

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With us you'll get original advertisement design porcelain and glass - custom color glazes according to Pantone swatch and unique branding with the help of modern technologies and Czech production.

Our clients include companies operating in the food and hospitality sectors, as well as small and medium-sized companies of different areas of specialization, large companies and advertising agencies.

In the online catalog at our website you can find mugs, cups and glasses as well as non-traditional plates, bowls, ashtrays and other accessories designed for brand advertising. Choose your design and contact us. We will help you with the original design, selection of appropriate glazes and branding of your logo. You'll be delighted at how reasonable a price we can produce custom made original promotional mugs and glassware.

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Mailing Address Zvoncovitá 1969/11
155 00  Praha 5
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