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Articulated aerial platform with jib

Articulated aerial platform with jib (Socage Forste 32DJ)

Products from Socage

Articulated aerial platform with jib (Socage Forste 32DJ)

Products from Socage

Maximum working height: 32 m.
Maximum outreach: 19 m.

The new Forste DJ32 is installed on a 7.5 ton Mitsubishi Canter truck, characterized by a 3850 mm wheelbase; this model differs from others in the lightweight segment for the articulated hydraulic jib, allowing the Forste DJ32 to carry out special boom articulations that the normal double articulated aerial platforms could not do.

The Forste 32DJ is able to reach 32 m of maximum working height with a SWL of 280 kg and a maximum outreach of 19 m. The hydraulic jib, connected to the last extension of the telescopic arm, which supports the aluminum basket, is able to perform a vertical movement from -90° to +15°.

The hydraulic extendable outriggers stabilization system, consisting of an extension in the front and two extensions in the rear, automatically calculates the safe working area according to the extension of the stabilizers. The aluminum basket is equipped with rotation at 90° + 90°.

The Forste DJ32 excels in compactness, since it measures just 7990 mm in length and 3150 mm in height - these features allow its use for interventions in urban centers with high traffic density where platforms mounted on trucks with higher GVW are less manageable or forbidden. DJ32 Forste is completely managed by an electro-hydraulic system and may be equipped with a wired remote control to manage it from the ground.

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Manufacturer of aerial working platforms for more than 30 years, with a variety of products going from 10 to 75 m hight.

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