Manufacturer of aerial working platforms for more than 30 years, with a variety of products going from 10 to 75 m hight.

Sorbara di Bomporto, Modena, Italy

About Socage

The Past

SO.CA.GE “Società di Carpenteria Generale” was established in 1974 as a specialized company in the production and realizing of metallic components. In 1981, the company specialized in the manufacturing of working access platforms and thanks to its innovative articulated boom products affirmed itself as the Italian market leader. In 1991, the SO.CA.GE-FASSI group took life (the third World manufacturer of truck mounted cranes) with the ambitious project to form the first Italian group specialized in equipment for working at height. Thanks to the FASSI’s technical and industrial know-how, SO.CA.GE has been growing year by year.

August 2009, Socage S.r.l. was bought by a group of entrepreneurs with a pluriannual practice in the access platform sector: Fiorenzo Flisi, Paolo Troni and Maurizio Piantoni with the scope to speed up the company development through huge investments in R&D finalized to offer to the market products with performances uppermost what offered by competitor until now.

The Present

At the present Socage focuses its work on the emerging markets and on the innovation. Despite the difficulties the market is facing, the Company is investing in training courses, new and upgraded 3D Design Software which allows the Technical Department to carry out stress analysis on individual components prior to production. The materials used are therefore optimized and the result is the greater performance of the overall platform. So in 2012 the Company decided to make the Forste Restyling to improve the capacity of its platforms and also created two innovative platforms, the DAJ332 Forste and the TJJ54 Forste. The first differs from others in the lightweight segment for the articulated hydraulic jib, allowing the DAJ332 to carry out special boom articulations that the normal double articulated aerial platforms could not do. The TJJ54 is the only platform on the market offering a maximum operational outreach of 40m mounted on trucks with a capacity of 32 tonnes.

In 2013, after being one of the pioneers in the industry and having mounted one of the first 24 meters double articulated platforms on 3.5t truck, born the Forste 28D, the first 28m double articulated platform mounted on 3,5t Chassis which allows anybody with a driving license to hire it. This new model once more will confirm Socage commitment to Innovation and the level of the know-how the Company has reached in the industry.

The Future

Socage will continue to invest in the emerging markets to become first World manufacturer of truck mounted platforms. The customer satisfaction always will be paramount for Socage soeach request will be taken into consideration and studied case by case.

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