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Thermoformer (Multyvac CD44 MC)

  • Machine revised and with warranty.

Detailed information about the product Thermoformer

Works with semi-rigid plastic skin type.

With instruction manual.

Revised and with warranty.

measures mold 24 x 42 cm
Advance length 300 mm
Cycles per minute 16.5
Step width 40 mm
pressure 380 V, 50 Hz, fases 3+N, 13 kW, 33 A
Consumption of compressed air From 800 to 1500 liters / minute
Input pressure compressed air min. / Max. 7 bar/10 bar
Pressure inlet cooling water min. / Max. 1,5 bar/4 bar
Maximum temperature input 15ºC
Dimensions (H x W x L) 190 x 100 x 770 cm
pump capacity 300 m³
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