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High-tech shrink wrapping machine (Italdibipack Swing)

  • The first "One-Step" system made fully of technopolymer.

Detailed information about the product High-tech shrink wrapping machine

SwingPAT is the first packing machine in the world with a modular frame fully made of technopolymer,in Baydur®, a high-tech plastic material produced by the company Bayer AG, equivalent to sheet metal in terms of thermal and mechanical features, but is able to offer the machine a number of technological “plus points”, first and foremost the extremely high degree of electrical insulation, the hardness of the surface, the chemical inertia, the perfect paintability, and easy disposal among many others.

Swing was awarded as the most innovative machine in terms of technology and working safety at the Salon de l'Emballage in Paris in 2006.

The choice to use these high-tech plastics was based not only on technical-constructive-functional factors, but also to extend the field of application of “one-step” machines. You need only look at and touch Swing machines to realise that they are ideal for the food processing, confectionary, pharmaceutical and graphics industries, and for the vast world of commerce and distribution. These are all sectors in which Swing has been a great success, also thanks to its aesthetic appeal which is unusual for a packaging machine.

  • Working Cycle electronically controlled by a microprocessor.
  • Hideaway digital control panel on the hood side.
  • It can memorize 8 different working programs.
  • It can start shrinking when sealing is completed.
  • Automatic adjustment of sealing-time: the machine adjusts the sealing-time automatically according to the packaging speed.
  • Hold-down solenoid included and adjustable: the hood remains closed up to the end of shrinking.
  • Hood may be released after the fan stops to avoid the escape of hot air at end-of-cycle.
  • Cooling system for thermostatisation of the sealing parts included.
  • Energy-saving function: the machine goes to “stand-by" if it does not work for a specific period.
  • Unit-counter included.
  • Concave form of the front structure of the machine to give the operator the best and most manageable working conditions.
  • Stand and Scrap-rewind on request.
  • The machine works with PVC (BLUE FILM), polyolefin hot thermo-sealing and also shrinkable films (GREEN FILM – GOLDEN FILM).

Machine made according to CE regulations.

Power supply 230 V - 1 Ph
Maximum power required 3.5 kW
Overall dimensions L x W x H 1.250 x 800 x 640 mm
Working plate height 930 mm
Machine weight 75 kg
Sealing area L x W 420 x 550 mm
Impulse sealing Bottom blade
Maximum product height 230 mm
Maximum roll width 600 mm
Hourly output 200/400 pcs/h
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