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Semi-Automatic Label Applicator (ALS 4310)

  • Semi-automatic and cost effective labellers, with 3 models to choose from in the ALS 4310 Series.

Detailed information about the product Semi-Automatic Label Applicator

Semi-automatic and cost effective labellers, with 3 models to choose from in the ALS 4310 Series, each capable of applying labels from 8mm to 152mm in width. Optional lot / expiry coders and counters can also be fitted.

With a steel base and frame, they are extremely heavy-duty and with no switches, dials or buttons to press, makes the ALS 4310 Series very simple to set up. The auto-calibrating label sensor allows users to load labels, start dispensing and get labelling straight away, while conveniently rewinding up all the waste backing material as it goes.

A robust, economical and reliable series of machines that offer a low-cost solution. 

4310 Dispenser

This rugged, desk top label dispenser provides a highly efficient, yet economical method of speeding up your labelling operation. This easy to operate dispenser presents the label, already released from its backing, ready for immediate application onto the product.

4310 MRU & 4310 W Multi-Roller Unit

Designed for full or partial wrap-around labelling of cylindrical products. the 3-roller arrangement can be adjusted quickly for varying product diameters from 8mm to 125mm without any re-adjustment of the dispensing edge. Model "MRU" is automatic and model "W" is manually operated.

4310 EP Extending Pneumatic Tamp

This model is designed for highly accurate labelling of flat, curved, or even recessed product surfaces. A label applicator and product guides ensure accurate label placement. The labels are first of all dispensed onto a vacuumed retaining plate. The product to be labelled is then inserted into a jig which is positioned under the label. The retainer plate then applies the label to the product and the next label is immediately dispensed ready to be applied to a new product.

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