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Industrial Roller Shutter

  • Steel roller shutter for security.

Detailed information about the product Industrial Roller Shutter

This shutter is designed to comply with the current British and EEC safety regulations. Optional specification levels can be varied to meet any special operational requirements. The standard unit is prewired and requires a three phase 380-440V & neutral socket mounted within 1m from the motor.

The surface clipped control cable is armoured and operates at 24 volt. Optional wired in steel conduit. 75mm convex laths interlocking galvanised roller shutter laths retained at ends by malleable steel end wearing lugs riveted on via solid steel rivets. This section is available in three thicknesses 18G, 20G and 22G, this considerably varies the cost and significantly improves rigidity, security and wind resistance as the section is thicker.

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