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Typical applications are regional and local distribution, construction, and various specialised operations associated with locally-based transportation and services.

P-series trucks have the new P cabs, which are available in three variations: a single-berth sleeper, a spacious day cab and a short cab.

All three versions are equipped to a high standard to provide comfortable accommodation for the driver. Available in combination with all engines in the range 230 to 420 (except the turbocompound 420 Euro 4).


Scania technology is researched and developed with the overall objective of reducing the cost of ownership of your trucks. We produce premium-quality vehicles that are durable and dependable.

With road transport becoming increasingly more competitive, it is essential that our vehicle technology maximises utilization and minimises cost over the whole life cycle.

Driving Comfort

Adjusting the driving position.

Once behind the wheel of a Scania truck, any driver will find exactly the right position for the seat and steering column. On most Scania models, it is possible to choose a luxury or standard seat. Both offer movement fore and aft, for height, cushion angle and back support. The steering wheel column has a wide range of tilt and reach adjustments. With so many possibilities, any driver can find an ideal seating position that allows all primary controls to fall immediately to hand, and at the same time have legs and back supported and arms neither too bent or over-stretched.

All cabs have air suspension; according to model, it may be two-point or four-point. In addition, the driver's seat also has its own suspension system, which can be adjusted by the driver to provide a comfortable measure of cushioning and rebound damping.

All vehicles have a highly-effective heating and ventilation system that is capable of completely exchanging all air in the largest cab within 45 seconds.

Total Operating Economy

Scania builds high-quality trucks designed to deliver the best total operating economy. This means that when taking into account the truck's operating factors, your overall cost of running the vehicle is as low as possible.

There are many factors that contribute to your operating costs, but there is no doubt that a premium-duty vehicle giving long-term dependability and daily reliability will achieve greater uptime, enabling you to maximise utilisation.

Premium-quality also has an additional payback. When it comes to trading in, the residual value of a Scania is likely to be higher.

Minimised loss-of-use through unscheduled repairs together with consistently high levels of fuel economy will keep your overall running costs down.


Higher weight and larger dimensions of heavy vehicles compared with most traffic, makes trucks more of a potential hazard when involved in an accident. Scania's priority in all safety work is to prevent accidents from happening by giving the driver the best possible tools in terms of

  • Vehicle control and handling
  • Brake performance
  • Working environment

Unfortunately, accidents and collisions do happen. Scania has a long tradition of protecting drivers, passengers and other road users. Scania was one of the first truck manufacturers to build a strong safety cab to help protect the driver. Scania was also the first heavy truck manufacturer to introduce front underrun protection to protect occupants of smaller vehicles.

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