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The R-series model range currently offers various trucks optimised for long haulage. All models have a Scania R cab and each vehicle is available as a tractor or rigid.

All models have a Scania R cab and each vehicle is available as a tractor or rigid.

The model title (such as R 620) identifies the cab and the engine. Each individual tractor or rigid has options that enable you to specify a powertrain that meets your requirements.

There are different axle configurations and in most cases a choice of chassis height and suspension.

Total perating Economy
Get more out of your truck - with the lowest possible cost.

Scania builds high-quality trucks designed to deliver the best total operating economy.

There are many factors that contribute to your operating costs, but there is no doubt that a premium-duty vehicle giving long-term dependability and daily reliability will achieve greater uptime, enabling you to maximise utilisation.
Premium-quality also has an additional payback. When it comes to trading in, the residual value of a Scania is likely to be higher.

Minimised loss-of-use through unscheduled repairs together with consistently high levels of fuel economy will keep your overall running costs down.

Driving Comfort
A pleasing working environment promotes positive attitudes. That's why Scania places a high priority on the driving environment.

Numerous refinements in the new cabs have made the driving environment even better. It takes great reserves of power and torque to move loads of up to more than 40 tonnes of truck and cargo, but from where the driver sits, a Scania seems to make the task effortless, simple and immensely satisfying.

The driving position will suit the tallest, smallest, heaviest occupant. A wide range of adjustments gives maximum scope for drivers to find exactly the right position for a comfortable, relaxed posture. With hands on the steering wheel, every principal control is within fingertip reach. Even the Scania Opticruise control is mounted on the steering column.

Correctly positioned and tilted, the seat supports the back and thighs. The steering column position is also adjustable. Visibility around the vehicle requires no more than small movements of the head if not a mere flick of the eyes.

The distinctive curved Scania dashboard is now available in two lengths, according to the amount of equipment you want in your truck. Everything fits perfectly, and is placed precisely.

Job satisfaction counts for a great deal. Scania drivers stay on the payroll, look after their truck, and take responsibility for your load. All of which, our customers tell us, is a welcome boost to their business.

Higher weight and larger dimensions of heavy vehicles compared with most traffic, makes trucks more of a potential hazard when involved in an accident. Scania's priority in all safety work is to prevent accidents from happening by giving the driver the best possible tools in terms of:

  • Vehicle control and handling
  • Brake performance
  • Working environment

Unfortunately, accidents and collisions do happen. Scania has a long tradition of protecting drivers, passengers and other road users. Scania was one of the first truck manufacturers to build a strong safety cab to help protect the driver. Scania was also the first heavy truck manufacturer to introduce front underrun protection to protect occupants of smaller vehicles.

Protecting drivers, passengers and other road users
Fatalities and injuries cause immense distress. Serious injuries often result in disabilities and restrictions to the quality of life. Saving lives and preventing injuries are therefore the principal objectives of Scania's safety initiatives and research.

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