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Scaffolding (Plabell scaffold Alupont)

  • Aluminium scaffold of extreme lightness, that eases the transport and cuts to minimum the effort in the assembly.

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Detailed information about the product Scaffolding

Aluminium scaffold of extreme lightness, that eases the transport and cuts to minimum the effort in the assembly and in the transports. Easy and fast to assemble and very practical. Weather resistant.

With his 6 different models, of 3 lengths by 2 different widths, it allows many compositions to face any requirement. The uprights allow to deploy the working surface every 30 cm, at heights between 1 and 15 m.

The easy interchangeability of the vertical uprights allows to quickly pass from one model to another, passing from scaffold to a ladder with regulated pass and non-slip treads built in sturdy tube of 50.8 mm Ø. The uprights are easy to install and the release is immediate.

The tubes are made in high quality aluminium, giving to the different components an extreme lightweight and high endurance to breaking, at the same time as maximum resistance to weather and chemical agents.

Alupont incorporates to his scaffolds, gateways up to 8.50 m length that allow and ease the union between different scaffold groups, giving versatile solutions never before possible.

The base extensors of the scaffolds are provided with tip up feet with rubber lining, ensuring the best stability in any ground condition.

Feet are telescopic with an enlargement up to 32 cm, which allows for levelling on a slope or stepped grounds.

The treads on the vertical uprights have a regulated pass of 30 cm, allowing in this way the user to climb without the need of other ladders. The union of the crossbars with the uprights is very quick, thanks to the hooks and the instant automatic locking, ensuring a solid and safe fixing. The pressure of only one finger is enough to release the crossbars.

The pivoting wheels are interchangeable with the different uprights and have a braking system, worked with the foot, that aligns the centre of the wheel with the upright handles. The nylon of the wheels doesn't mark interior floors.

The working surfaces are made of non-slip finished board and have a hatch to allow the pass of the worker. there is also a safety system against accidental lifts.

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