Saveffi Solutions

Specialised in the study, design, manufacturing and implementation of roof and ground photovoltaic mounting systems, fixing accessories and pv carports.

San Fernando de Henares, Madrid, Spain

About Saveffi Solutions

Saveffi applies its engineering, consulting and installation knowledge to the design and manufacturing of comprehensive mounting solutions for the residential and tertiary sectors in Photovoltaic Technologies (roof, ground and car parks).

Added value in Photovoltaic mounting systems for PV roofs, grounds and car parks:

  • Engineering and Consultancy.
  • Design and manufacturing in aluminium/steel.
  • Manufacturing of tailor made solutions for special projects.
  • Manufacturing of commercial/standard solutions.
  • OEM labelling.

Factory capacity: 5 MW of mounting systems / month.

Express delivery time: 100 kW of mounting systems in 4 days for urgent projects.

Guarantees: 10 years for non anodized products and 25 years for anodized.

Sales policy: Any company wanting to process an order with Saveffi must be previously registered by SAVEFFI´s Business Development MD.

Digital downloads

  • Photovoltaic Carports Download
  • List of Photovoltaic mounting systems and accesories Download



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