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Safety storage deposit for drums

Safety storage deposit for drums (Sall ECO 704)

Products from Sall

Safety storage deposit for drums (Sall ECO 704)

Products from Sall

Outdoor cabinets for the storage of 200 l drums, with collection tank and removable galvanised grid.

Product description

Wide range of solutions for the outdoor storage of hazardous substances.

These deposits are designed to store 1 - 2 - 4 200 l drums safely.

2 doors, openable lid and collection tank with removable galvanised grid.

Safety Outdoors

To facilitate loading and unloading operations, the cover of the container is supported by gas shock absorbers. The sturdiness of the cover and doors (can be padlocked) protects the contents from unauthorised persons. Fitted with an aeration grille.

Model Dimensions mm Storage Capacity
ECO701 870 x 870 x 1600H 1 x 200 l drum
ECO702 1350 x 860 x 1570H 2 x 200 l drums
ECO704 1350 x 1260 x 1540H 4 x 200 l drums

Digital downloads

  • Sall ECO704 - Outdoor drums safety storage deposits Download

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One of Italy’s leading companies (manufacturers) for steel containers, environment protection, spill containment and industrial safety with over 35 years of experience.

Corte Tegge ,Italy

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