One of Italy’s leading companies (manufacturers) for steel containers, environment protection, spill containment and industrial safety with over 35 years of experience.

Corte Tegge, Reggio Emilia, Italy

About Sall

The industrial experience of Sall begins in 1975 through the production of containers in sheet metal for industry and logistics. Its strong specialisation, a wide range of products and the high quality obtained, make of Sall a market leader with a monthly production of about 20,000 containers. The "strategic vision" has always been the same, considering the results of the present as a starting point and not the final target.

Storage & containment at the service of ecology

In the early nineties, thanks to the skills acquired in the production of steel containers and given the growing attention to environment safeguarding, Sall begins the development of the Ecological Division, specialised in solutions for storage and containment of hazardous substances. During these last years, the expansion of the range has been important as well as investments in technology and personnel training. These are our main priorities, together with service, quality and customer care. As a result, today we are a strategic partner for many companies in Italy and abroad.

Business Units

  • Logistic division: is the division specialised in the design & manufacturing of "systems" for storing, handling and containment of a variety of industrial products, scraps and waste.
  • Ecological division: is the division specialised in the manufacturing of solutions especially dedicated to spill containment, handling, storage and reclamation of substances that are potentially dangerous for human beings and the environment.

A modern and well organised production system based on a structure of processes where everything is tested and verified.

Located on an area of about 40.000 m², Sall has motivated and qualified personnel and advanced technologies. Because it has such a great production capacity, Sall can continuously diversify types and shapes of its products so it can meet all the different requirements of industrial logistics and different ecological products. This allows us to compete each day with the complexities and the changes of the current market and, at the same time, to manage an effective response in case of important orders or special requests.

The Sall System, aimed directly at obtaining the highest quality standards, is combined with a production level that is such to allow a reduction in costs all to the benefit of our customers. Each single production phase is controlled directly so as to ensure superior end results under all aspects. One of our prerogative is to use only certificated raw materials and qualified suppliers whose quality standards need to be in accordance with our quality system.

Digital downloads

  • Sall - Compact Catalogue Environment Protection Download


UNI:EN ISO 9001:2008, UNI:EN ISO3834-4:2006, CE

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