Saica Pack UK

Saica Pack is the leading company in corrugated board packaging production in Western Europe.

Carrington, Manchester, United Kingdom

About Saica Pack UK

SAICA Pack today boasts 44 production facilities located in six countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Ireland. 14 facilities in UK and Ireland allow us to deliver our products anywhere in these two countries.

Our network of R+D+i centres makes us the leading company in our sector, at the forefront of innovation, solutions and new products to adapt to your needs.

Saica Pack offers his customers:

  • Continuous investments in technology following the Group’s philosophy. Pioneers in the implementation of new technologies
  • Continuous innovations that add value to their business: raw materials (paper), products (corrugated board), information technology, Customer-oriented standard production and management systems
  • European Coverage. Local management with the global perspective of a multinational group.

Business specialists for Containers, Pallets & Receptacles