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Folding Stairways

  • The folding stairways prevent the operator from accidents while working on the top of vehicles.

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Detailed information about the product Folding Stairways

The folding stairways guarantee the safety of the operators accessing the top of the tank. They are height-adjustable.

They exist in two different versions: with a flat deck or with steps (available as 3, 4, 5 or 6 step models).

The corbelling protects the working area on the tank.

The structure consists of sliding grid steps and a continuous handrail. The steps stay horizontally in every position thanks to a parallel guidance system. Fully balanced self-levelling steps to automatically adjust to varying tanker heights.

The surface of the catwalk is skid-proof. No need for any particular maintenance.

Corbelling version: the corbelling is ajusted by two counterweights. It is locked in both end positions.

The folding stairways may be pneumatically or hydraulically power assisted.

Simple to use. The steps have slip-free grating on their surfaces.

Robust and stable construction.TÜV-certificate. Fulfils current Health & Safety at Work requirements.

Steps From 3 to 6 steps
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