Leader in stretch film technology, with a production of more than 5,000 wrapping machines a year.

Gualdicciolo, REPUBBLICA DI SAN MARINO, San Marino

About Robopac

ROBOPAC, leader in stretch film technology with its production of more than 5,000 wrapping machines a year, has reached the summit of the market in the segment of semi-automatic machines for palletised load stabilization, as well as in the sector of horizontal stretch film wrappers for wrapping of long shaped products. Robopac decided to broaden its offer, entering the thermo shrinking and sealing sectors, thus creating one of the widest product ranges in the packaging market.

More than 70% of the production is exported to main world markets such as: Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Scandinavian countries, Benelux countries, Middle and Far East, Oceania, USA, Canada, Mexico and South America. The company has a finely meshed commercial network in Italy and abroad, that numbers more than 250 active distributors which represent one of the most qualifying of company strengths.

ROBOPAC is part of the Aetna Group, and distributes its products through a finely meshed network of distributors and agents, as well as through subsidiaries and joint ventures which guarantee the necessary commercial support and technical after sales assistance.

ROBOPAC was founded in 1982, thanks to a revolutionary patented idea at world level: The Robot, a self-propelled machine with rechargeable batteries and a tracer that will apply stretched film to stabilise the load by turning independently around the palletised load of any size and weight.

The branches Aetna Group France, Aetna Group UK, Aetna Group Deutschland and Aetna Group USA belong the Aetna Group.

Global quality, full customer satisfaction, technological innovation, and great attention to the exploitation of human resources have always guided the strategic choices of Robopac. The certification to ISO 9001 (VISION 2000) not only represents the reaching of a prestigious goal, but, above all, has reinforced our efforts to continuously improve our performance.

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