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Ride-on Electric Sweeper (S9)

  • Suitable for outdoor areas larger than 20,000 m². It has a wide cleaning path and large capacity dustbin: 180 liter.

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Detailed information about the product Ride-on Electric Sweeper

The Gemei electric sweeper S9 has a cleaning width of 1.9 meters, a USA imported CURTIS controller and a USA KDS motor. The motor can support a climb up the hill of 25%. When it goes down the slope, the CURTIS controller can control the speed and avoid going too fast. The distance between the main body and the ground floor helps the sweeper to clean bigger rubbish such as mineral water bottles. The trash capacity is 180 liter. This machine is suitable for outdoor places with more than 20,000 square meters, such as parks, streets, airports, packing lots, city centers, scenic spots, etc.

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