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Reach truck (Yale MR14-25)

  • Productivity, ergonomics, low cost of ownership, reliability, serviceability and more.
    Load Capacity: 1400-2500 kg

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Detailed information about the product Reach truck

Reach Trucks

The next level in reach truck productivity, delivered through innovation, technology and ergonomic design.

Reach Higher

As your customers demand more from you, you should be able to expect more from your reach trucks.

The Yale® MR series delivers more

  • More productivity with higher travel, lift and lower speeds
  • More comfort with unique ergonomic controls and enhanced visibility
  • More flexibility with seven models in capacities from 1,400kg to 2,500kg and lift heights up to 12.5m
  • More choice with three chassis available to match your application

All of which combine to deliver a reach truck that is more than simply fit for use – it’s fit precisely for your business.

Driving productivity

To increase the productivity of your business, speed and control is of the essence. Higher travel speeds for long travel distances throughout your warehouse and lower speeds for precise load handling. The MR series gives you both.

Responsive performance

  • Move more
  • Total maneuverability

Your operator can choose between 180° and 360° steering at the touch of a button.

  • 360° steering
  • 180° steering

Think ergonomics

  • Premium display
  • Comfortably better
  • Ergonomic controls

Lowering the cost of ownership

By designing and building reliability and dependability into every Yale® MR series model, and then working ceaselessly in your business you will benefit from increased productivity and a greater return on your materials handling fleet investment.

  • More fuel-efficiency
  • Harder working
  • Higher residual values

Renowned reliability

Reliability is built into every Yale® materials handling product through the use of quality industrial standard components. The latest generation AC motors, Vehicle Control Manager and state of the art controls contribute to increased levels of productivity and uptime.

  • 99% new. 100% proven.
  • Intelligent technology

Superior serviceability

Increased productivity through lower maintenance. The MR series is designed for fast, simple servicing, reducing downtime and keeping your truck operational.

  • Simple servicing
  • Longer service intervals
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Reliable parts availability

Add More options

You can choose from a range of options to tailor your MR reach truck to your exact application needs.

  • Laser positioning
  • Overhead guard
Model Load Capacity Request information
MR14 1400 kg Contact the company
MR16 1600 kg Contact the company
MR16N 1600 kg Contact the company
MR16HD 1600 kg Contact the company
MR20 2000 kg Contact the company
MR20HD 2000 kg Contact the company
MR25 2500 kg Contact the company
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