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Radio remote control system (Ikusi TM70 1&2)

  • With handheld pushbutton transmitters.

Detailed information about the product Radio remote control system

  • High sensitivity two step pushbuttons.
  • Available ISM bands: 433/870/915/419/447/918 MHz
  • External and extractable SIM module (extractable EP70) to easily configure a spare transmitter providing easy and fast maintenance.
  • NiMH rechargeable batteries.
  • Fast (< 2 hours) and intelligent CB70 battery charger.
  • Position selector switches with maintained position or forced return to 0 position (optional).
  • Easy working frequency channel change and management by software and/or automatic working channel selection.
  • LBT: Listen Before Talking.
  • CAN bus physical layer compatible receiver with CANopen communication protocol; other available communication protocols: IQAN, SAE J1939, Profibus DP and RS-232 /RS-485.
  • LCD70 display option for feedback information. Warning and alarm signals management with feedback option, using the graphic display and/or the bicoloured leds. Feedback of digital and/or analogue signals to the machine/user’s interface.
  • LA70 range limiter (optional). Specified working area limit range under defined working conditions.
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