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Photo-typeset Labels

Photo-typeset Labels
  • For product identification, type plates, inventory and rack identification, archival storage, pallet identification.

Detailed information about the product Photo-typeset Labels

The hallmark of this process is the very high quality image that it is possible to achieve. This is especially important with barcode production. Light sensitive materials - paper, polyester and aluminium for example- are exposed under controlled computer driven conditions and a permanent photographic image is produced. This image is in the substrate so that it cannot be scratched off. Photo-typeset labels are tailor made to customer requirements, robust and long lasting.

inotec will supply you with photo-typeset labels that
  • have a sharp clear definition of bars
  • a narrow bar width that can be less than 0,1mm
  • a printing contrast of more than 90%
  • no toner scatter or other contamination of the spaces
  • are resistant to ultra violet light (no yellowing)
  • guarantee a 100% first time reading rate
  • product identification
  • type plates
  • inventory identification
  • archival storage
  • media identification at libraries
  • rack identification
  • pallet identification
  • document identification
  • identification of medical instruments
  • Polymaster HU
  • Classic HK/HKF
  • Cover Stantard HL2
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