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Euro-Size Presswood Pallet (INKA Presswood)

Euro-Size Presswood Pallet INKA Presswood
  • Reference: F8LF1
  • 800 x 1200mm EURO-size, (4-way-entry with hand-pallet truck and fork truck). Available in 900/1250kg capacity.

Detailed information about the product Euro-Size Presswood Pallet

  • Entry Clearance Width: 660mm
  • Entry Clearance Height: 100mm
  • Max. Dynamic Load Capacity: F 8 LF = 900kg, F 8 LF (s) = 1250kg
  • Static Load Capacity: +/- 3x of the dynamic load
  • Net Weight: F 8 = approx. 9kg, F 8 (s) = approx. 11kg
  • Packing Unit: 50 pcs. / EURO pallet place height approx. 2.25m
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