PPS Midlands

PPS provides returnable box, crate and plastic pallet rental systems to clients throughout the UK and Europe, either standard or bespoke solutions, reducing capital expense and waste

Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

About PPS Midlands

PPS is Moving Returnable Packaging Forward… & Lowering Waste

PPS has been providing returnable box, crate and plastic pallet rental systems for over 10 years to clients throughout the UK and Europe. We receive your order, deliver the agreed volume of the packaging to you, collect the used units from your clients, wash them at our industrial wash plants, and then the process is repeated.

Our returnable packaging is gradually replacing one trip packaging such as cardboard boxes in the meat and fresh produce sectors, and expanded polystyrene boxes in the seafood industry.

Hygienically Washing Returnable Packaging for You

We currently have two modern and hygienic dedicated wash plants in the Midlands and in Grimsby where we wash all our own returnable packaging. We also wash returnable packaging for third parties on ad hoc or contract basis.

Our total equipment solutions include the rental of the packaging medium, management of the equipment pool by means of our proprietary online asset tracking system, collection of used equipment from third parties to be washed and then returned to the rental pool.

How Can PPS Help Your Business?

Renting returnable packaging from PPS is convenient and pain-free for our customers. We believe that our clients want to concentrate their efforts, energies and resources into their core business, and let a specialist business handle their returnable packaging. We take the responsibility for retrieving the packaging from third parties, ensure it meets hygiene standards and return it to the user. You don’t need the capital expenditure requirements, plus our staff manage the equipment once it leaves your premises and have it washed (and repaired where necessary) –leaving you to concentrate on your primary products or goods.

All our clients have seen cost savings using PPS services, and while we acknowledge you want to be seen improving your waste and carbon emissions, you also want to know using returnable packaging is cost-effective.

Advice on crates, boxes, tubs and pallets or any returnable packaging a customer may need. Including Produce and Meat Crates, Fish Boxes, Plastic Pallets, Automotive Boxes etc. Logistics including planning of box pool routes, organising shipping, air freight, road freight. Monitoring of boxes via Enable™, our internet based equipment tracking system. Purchase of all packaging or pallets needed for the customers pool or loop. A high quality hygienic equipment wash at PPS’s own box washing sites. Including the washing of customers own equipment. Equipment rental and pooling. Equipment, repairs and refurbishment. Product Sales.

If you have a requirement for a pooled equipment service with standard or bespoke products, then we can make it happen!



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