Wrapping machine manufacturer.

Senna Comasco, Como, Italy

About Polycomm

Our company was born in 1978 and was among the first companies to produce wrapping machines for pallets. The business has grown in importance thanks to the energy of our team and it allows the company to insert among the best producers of automatic lines for moving and wrapping all industry products. Making use of thirty-year experience, we are able to construct customised machines, following the costumer needs, using "made in Italy" components to guarantee the high quality. The products range goes from the simple semi-automatic machine, named with thousand names (wrapping machine, stretching machine, rotating-table machine, packing machine) to automatic line for moving, transporting and wrapping, to give you the best and complete solution. Our machines are destined to wrap: tinned and not-tinned products on pallets, long coils such as wooden panels, insulating materials, profiles, reels of paper and tissue, doors, industrial main doors, windows and frames, boxes and luggage.

Business specialists for Packaging