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Pneumatic Strapping Tool (SIAT STS 25&32 PLUS 4)

  • Pneumatic strapping tool for steel strap with seal.

Detailed information about the product Pneumatic Strapping Tool

It is a powerful and reliable strapping tool. It is designed to use in heavy duty industrial applications, particularly in low pressure air plants. Thanks to the new design (smaller, reinforced and lighter body compared with the previous HT model), the tool can work perfectly even with low air pressure (from 4.5 bars) and can offer a constant and superior seal notch integrity. The body is smaller and lighter than the previous STSR 32 HT allowing for easier handling. The lower air pressure function (from 4.5 bar) is also available for 25 mm steel strap.

Package type flat / round surface
Strap quality steel (Rmax. 1100 N/mm²)
Strap width 25 mm - 32 mm
Strap thickness 0.6 mm - 1 mm (Rmax. 850 N/mm²) max. 0.8 mm at 4.5 bar
Strap thickness 0.6 mm - 1 mm (Rmax. 1100 N/mm²) max 0.9 mm at 6.3 bar
Max. tension 9000 N (with standard motor at 6.3 bar)
Max. tension speed 6 m/min. (at 6.3 bar)
Joint type overlap seal - double notch (min. length 45 mm)
Air pressure 4.5 - 7 bar max.
Air consumption 12 l/s
Weight about 10.8 Kg
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