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Plastic Pallet in Industrial Size (Nest i1)

  • Nestable, light weight plastic pallet in industrial size

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Detailed information about the product Plastic Pallet in Industrial Size

At only 5,5 kg, the Nest i1 is the lightest 1200 x 1000 pallet, but it transports heavy loads over long distances. It is ideal for one-way shipping. The version with the closed deck stays nestable and protects cargo from pressure points and soil from below.


Nest i1 (OD-9F)
Open deck (OD) | 9 feet, nestable (9F)

Nest i1 (CD-9F)
Closed deck (CD) | 9 feet, nestable (9F)

Nest i1 (OD-3R)
Open deck (OD) | 3 runners, snap-on (3R)

Nest i1 (CD-3R)
Closed deck (CD) | 3 runners, snap-on (3R)

Dimensions 1200 x 1000 x 135 mm (9F)
1200 x 1000 x 145 mm (3R)
Weight 5,5 - 11,5 kg
Load capacity stat. 1600 kg | dyn. 1000 kg (9F)
stat. 3000 kg | dyn. 1250 kg (3R)
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