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Lightweight Plastic Honeycomb Pallet (HonCorZ PalletZ PZ Barino)

  • Conveyor-friendly rackable pallet suitable for racking in automated warehouses.

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Detailed information about the product Lightweight Plastic Honeycomb Pallet

A homogeneous panel of hexagonal core, HonCorZ Honeycomb Panels, made of polypropylene material, extend benefits of high strength to weight ratio, with compressive strength that is 50% higher in comparison to other similar honeycomb panels.

HonCorZ does not crack, break, tear, swell, deteriorate or abrade. Laminated honeycomb core is capable of absorbing huge amounts of energy under impact loads which results in high structural robustness.

Whether you are looking for opportunities to reduce weight on an existing application or are working on a project with demanding requirements, ATL’s patented technology, all-in-one-shop facility & engineers are available to add value.

One of the most revolutionary applications is the Material Handling Pallets that allow you to carry more and pay less.

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